Hire Library

Wildbird Music operates a Hire Library alongside our catalogue of music scores.  Copies of published scores can be purchased for a special discount along with the hire of an instrumental parts set, while not-yet-published scores are supplied as part of the hire set.  Hire materials are currently available for the following works:

Composer: Brian Howard


Gravity’s Rainbow [score sale and parts hire]
Earthshine [score sale and parts hire]
Starburst [score sale and parts hire]


Our Lady of the Flowers (for violin and orchestra) [score sale and parts hire]
Nocturnes for the King of Naples (for two cellos and orchestra) [score sale and parts hire]
Cello Concerto [score hire and parts hire]
Oboe Concerto (for oboe, strings and percussion) [score hire and parts hire]


Full Fathom Five (for 15 instruments) [score sale and parts hire]
Voyage through radiant stars (for 18 instruments) [score hire and parts hire]
The Rainbow Serpent (for 7 instruments) [score hire and parts hire]
Sun and Steel (for strings) [score hire and parts hire]
Last Blues (for violin, 4 saxophones and 2 percussion) [score sale and parts hire]
Sentinel (for contraforte and 10 instruments) [score hire and parts hire]
Carlotta’s Memoirs (for alto flute, bass clarinet and contraforte [score hire and parts hire]
Après le déluge (for trombone quartet) [score hire and parts hire]
Stella (for viola and cello) [score hire and parts hire]


Alchemy: String Quartet No. 1 [score sale and parts hire]
Forever and ever: String Quartet No. 2 [score hire and parts hire]
Sternenfall: String Quartet No. 3 [score hire and parts hire]
Armoured Faun: String Quartet No. 4 [score hire and parts hire]
Blue Poles: String Quartet No. 5 [score hire and parts hire]


Sophia’s Child [score hire and parts hire]

Hire of Parts Enquiry

If you are a performer and/or ensemble who would like to enquire about hiring parts for musical works listed here, you can complete the form below.  We’ll be in touch via email with a quote within a few days.

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